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Posted on March 25, 2011

The highly sought-after tickets for the first three home games of the 2011 season.


Today is my first full day back home after being gone for a month covering spring training in Arizona. What task was first on my list to complete this morning when I woke up after getting home at 12:20am? I had to drive to San Francisco to the beautiful ballpark by the bay to pick up our 2010 World Series Champions San Francisco Giants season tickets for the upcoming 2011 season. It is always exciting opening the box containing the new tickets each year. This is the 12th season we have had tickets, and thanks to John Storey signing up for these season tickets back in 1997 is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was John’s idea to get these tickets. One of the best ideas John has ever had!

This is the master schedule I used to keep track of our annual season ticket draft at Ben and Nick’s in Oakland on February 22, 2011.

Our season ticket group consists of a terrific mix of people, each owning a different amount of shares to our four seats (section 108, row 27, seats 1-4 on the aisle). We hold our annual ticket draft each February before I head off to spring training, and it is always fun to see how it all turns out. I always have a strategy going into the draft, and I seem to end up with a good or bad draft depending on how much beer I drink. This year I managed to come out with one of my best drafts ever, while still managing to enjoy several cold beverages. My goal is simple. I like to go to Friday night games, and Monday or Tuesday night games because I shoot every day game.

I also make it a point to pick a real nice night game during the New York Mets only visit to town for my buddy and life-long Mets fan Grover Sanschagrin. Grover grew up on Long Island attending Mets games during his childhood at Shea Stadium in seats belonging to owner Joan Payson. Ever since then Grover has been very picky about where he sits when he attends a ballgame. I grabbed four seats for the Mets game on July 8, and expect Grover to fly in from Mexico City for the occasion.

This is what the front of two of our season ticket books look like for the 2011 season.

Now that I have the tickets in hand I will spend some time tonight tearing the tickets apart from the books to sort them, and then stuff them into envelopes. Tomorrow it is on to my ticket partner and co-author of Worth The Wait Brian Murphy’s house to combine our tickets so they can be distributed this weekend to all the happy Giants fans in our group. My first game as a fan in our seats is Friday night, April 22 against the Braves. Who wants to go?

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