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Posted on May 18, 2011

These scans of photographers Mickey Pfleger, Robert Beck, Jed Jacobsohn, Terry Schmitt, Bob Larson, Jose Luis Villegas, and Tony Tomsic will be online in my searchable archive in the coming weeks.


A few months ago I wrote about how I am always working on my archive. I have more time in the off-season to dedicate to this ever-growing monster, but I still need to keep working on it during the baseball season. Once I start shooting three games a week and keeping up with archiving my new stuff I still need to keep adding some older pictures in order to make my online archive as complete as possible. Before I went to spring training I sent over 500 chromes dating back to 1987 off to my terrific scanning buddy Dave Bonilla. I knew I would not have a chance to caption and upload the stuff till the season started, so I would have to find some spare time between watching the Giants on television and catching up with new episodes of 90210, Friday Night Lights, and Pawn Stars.

My 50 meg TIFF files come back from Dave Bonliia on DVD’s like this. He can get around 90 scans on each DVD.

My online searchable archive of sports pictures now has over 46,000 images, and it is growing every day. I have done a pretty decent job of going through dozens and dozens of binders of slides in pages over the years looking for some gold nuggets to get scanned. I have also been getting some new returns of some real gems from the library at Major League Baseball Photos. When I went through everything in January I was looking for something else to add to my archive besides pictures of Wade Boggs, Darren Lewis and John Tamargo.

I decided to dig into my collection of chromes with candid images of other sports photographers, and include them in my shipment to Bonilla to get scanned. I am trying to do the best job I can in creating an online historical archive of A’s and Giants baseball dating back to 1987. I might as well include many of the photographers I have worked with over the years in my archive also.

This slide of Tai Pfleger and his father Mickey Pfleger from 2000 will be online in my searchable archive very soon.

Over the years I have run across these chromes many times as I searched for action pictures to get scanned. I always thought it would be fun to get them scanned, but I never wanted to spend the time and money. Well, now I do- so I did! Boy am I glad. Over the next week or so I will be busy captioning over 500 new scans that I just got back from Bonilla on DVD’s. Once I am finished uploading the files my archive will have nice pictures of Hall of Fame photographers like Mickey Pfleger, Mickey Palmer, Tony Tomsic, Jed Jacobsohn, Michael Zagaris, and others. If you ever need a picture of a photographer to go along with a story search my archive- I just might have one of the shooter you are looking for.

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