Jerry Tarkanian dies at 84

Legendary basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian dies at 84

From the archives: Remembering Tommy Morrison

I photographed Tommy Morrison in Reno, Nevada in 1993.

I love photographing my cats

I have enjoyed photographing my cats for over 30 years.

How I Made Instagram Images That Were Good Enough for Sports Illustrated

The big news was leaked on Mashable last night that Sports Illustrated is publishing 18 of my baseball iPhone Instagrams spread out over three Leading Off double trucks (6 pages) in the magazine this week. This is an exciting development for a project that I started in February on the first day of spring training when I was on assignment for the magazine.

A toast to Eric Risberg: 30 years at the AP!

Eric Risberg has worked for the Associated Press for 30 years.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: “Hot Rod” Hundley

I photographed “Hot Rod” Hundley for The National in 1991

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Wesley Snipes in “The Fan”

Wesley Snipes starred as Bobby Rayburn in “The Fan.”

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The last time I shot film

The last time I shot film was way back in 2003.